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Prioritize Mental Health: Dr. Lowe-Simmons’ Advocacy for a Balanced Life

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

By Tammy Reese | Saturday, November 4, 2023 | 2:10 PM ET

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, it is crucial to prioritize our mental health. Dr. Lowe-Simmons, a specialist in helping individuals and families overcome emotional and psychological barriers, understands the significant impact that mental health has on our overall well-being.

With her expertise in mental health counseling, financial education, and more, Dr. Lowe-Simmons provides valuable support to those struggling with the intersection of their emotional well-being and financial goals. She recognizes that these two aspects are interconnected and believes that addressing mental health is essential for achieving financial stability.

Dr. Lowe-Simmons advocates for open discussions about mental health at all times. She firmly believes that it is never not the right time to talk about mental health. By breaking down the stigma surrounding this topic, we can create a safe space for individuals to seek help and support when needed.

Whether it’s managing stress related to financial challenges or addressing underlying emotional issues impacting financial decision-making, Dr. Lowe-Simmons offers compassionate guidance tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances.

What are some of the benefits of investing in your mental health?

Dr. Lowe-Simmons: There are several life benefits to investing in your mental health. Mental health is the foundation of our being. We are human beings and when life happens, it can affect our entire being. Everything that we encounter in life can impact our mental health. This is actually why I started my business, Conversations With A Clinician began to help the world understand that everything affects our mental health and if we lack the tools to manage, then it can cause distress. Some things will be more distressing than others.

Investing in your mental health can improve mood, enhance relationships, increase confidence and self-esteem, and provide a sense of purpose in the world. You respond better to the world when you are mentally well. Mental health is actually very simple once we get over ourselves.

What are a few tips on finding the right therapist as an individual?

Dr. Lowe-Simmons: Therapy shopping is like finding a good pair of shoes. Sizing must be right, it should feel good in your gut, they should be relatable and you should feel some sort of connection. I always encourage people to start with their insurance company, call the number on the back of the card, Google search the specifics (ie. Black female therapist in my state out therapist working with individuals that suffer from trauma, etc.) and you can ask around.

Most therapists offer free consultation, sign up for consultations and get a feel for the therapist to determine if it’s right for you. When you decide to move forward with a therapist, once the therapeutic relationship begins if you decide it’s not a good fit, you are not obligated to stay in the relationship, you can switch therapists. I would suggest that you don’t switch just because it becomes uncomfortable because discomfort is part of growth and the therapeutic process.

In Conclusion:

Prioritizing our mental health is crucial at all times. With Dr. Lowe-Simmons’ expertise in helping individuals overcome emotional barriers related to their financial goals and well-being, she empowers her clients to achieve holistic success in both areas of their lives.

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