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PODCAST SPOTLIGHT | The Mental Health Diet | Host, Sharifa Viola

The Mental Health Diet is a show that dives into the connection between what we eat, self-care, and the well-being of our minds and bodies. Each episode explores the world of plant-based foods, holistic approaches, nutrition, and how they can positively impact our mental health. This podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

About the host, Sharifa Viola

Sharifa Viola is a creative entrepreneur who knows the power of self-care and nutrition. After dealing with type 1 diabetes and anxiety as a child, Sharifa turned to her graduate studies in applied nutrition to overcome it.

She discovered the balance between our minds and the food we eat. With this knowledge, Sharifa created The Mental Health Diet – her wellness podcast – and All Things Shri, an e-commerce store with inspiring apparel that helps you feel confident, beautiful, and strong.

Sharifa is here to help make sure your body and mind stay healthy!


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