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Brush Strokes and Glitter: A Glimpse into Lisa Gindi’s Artistic Universe

Updated: Feb 15

By Tammy Reese | Monday, January 29, 2024 | 2:06 PM ET

Step into the enchanting world of Lisa Gindi, where artistic expression transcends boundaries and captivates the senses. In this interview, Lisa shares the secrets behind her mesmerizing creations, from fashion-inspired canvases to daring lampshade transformations. Discover the must-have elements that fuel her creative process and the unique environment that sets the stage for her artistic alchemy. Join us as Lisa delves into the interplay of contrast, elegant shabby chic aesthetics, and the delicate balance between artistic freedom and meeting client expectations. Get ready to be inspired by the journey of an artist whose signature style leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of contemporary art.

Hi Lisa, I’m so excited to chat with you about your creative process and signature style. Please tell us about a specific collection you’re proud of.

Lisa: A specific collection piece that I successfully put together with both fashion and architectural elements.

What role does contrast play in your work, particularly in using flat, matte paint next to shiny, metallic paint?

Lisa: Contrast plays an important role but not the most important role in my work because I do not like to use shiny paint and materials together throughout the entire piece. I think that looks too gaudy so I make sure the finishes are mixed together between shiny and matte… but the most important element in my work is that it’s elegant and sophisticated with incorporating a shabby chic style.

How do you balance the creative freedom of being an artist with meeting client expectations or adhering to specific guidelines?

Lisa: For some reason I never have to worry about customers’ expectations because I have noticed they really like my style and they always seem to find something that’s just right for them. I was very mindful to listen to what the comments were at every show and I am always tweaking the collection either making it more ornate or more simplistic and less shabby chic so this way I have something for everyone. Even though I do that, I never change my signature style and have items that I love the most.

Tell me about a challenging project or commission that pushed your artistic abilities to new heights.

Lisa: When I painted a lampshade and lamp base for Gregg P. Sullivan. That pushed my basic abilities because it was extremely challenging to do a lamp that needed materials on it that were heat safe due to the lightbulb. It made me very nervous and I definitely tackled all the issues given to me. Because Gregg did not have many requests, I was given complete artistic freedom.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to follow your career path?

Lisa: The best advice I can give someone who is following my career path is in the beginning you really have to pay your dues and you may not get paid a lot per item. Yes, I did feel like I was working for peanuts back then which is what happened with my T-shirt company. As a teenager, I was not getting out much and not seeing daylight during many summers where friends were out having fun at the beach …thus, I was home painting.

It’s important to learn how to do sales and be personable with people because you don’t want to rely on other people to make money for you. Lastly, when you become a painter (on canvas) you certainly don’t want to keep your work in some gallery which turns into some kind of warehouse, taking away the ability to have access to your work. Now, with the use of computers, it’s a great freedom that an artist has to sell their own paintings directly from their studio. My website is and you can order paintings from me by calling (347) 771–6040. I offer limited time free shipping.

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