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Robin Lane: A Lifetime of Wisdom in Entertainment and Relationships 

By Tammy Reese | Wednesday, April 24, 2024 | 5:00 PM ET

Meet Robin Lane, a Relationship Expert, Certified Therapist, and Life Coach, who at 90 years young, continues to inspire with her insight and wisdom. As the host of “Robin Lane is Always Right,” she shares invaluable advice on dating, relationships, and life. In this interview, Robin reflects on her remarkable journey through the entertainment industry, from her early days as an actress to her current role as a director and producer. We believe that our readers will be so intrigued by her experiences navigating through different time periods, societal changes, and historical events.

Can you share some memories from your early years? What were some significant experiences or lessons that shaped your teenage years or adulthood?

Robin: I grew up in the depression and everyone was poor. No income disparity, no TV, no way of seeing how other classes lived. We were all much the same but I, as fortune would have it, was freakin’ good looking. Though I had no idea of how that might play out in the larger world, my freshman year teacher did and had me audition for the High School of Performing Arts. There was no lesson there, I just got lucky. I don’t wanna bore your reader, but you can’t imagine how exciting it was. The girls in that school were as pretty as me and they came from money so they already had ballet and drama training and our acting teacher was Sidney Lumet. Google him and you’ll see how famous he was, I had to work my ass off.

As an actress, please share with us any memorable moments from your early days in the entertainment industry.

Robin: Actors today need agents. In my day, if you wanted to audition you took your photo to the theater’s stage manager and if your look fit the bill you’d get a call. I got every job that way. Your readers may not know who Dustin Hoffman is but he was a big name. He was starring in a play on Broadway and I got a good part in that play and many others in that exact manner.

Throughout your life, you’ve witnessed different time periods and historical events. How did major world news or societal changes make an impact on your life and career decisions over the years?

Robin: Growing up broke taught me how to navigate changing times. When you’re penniless you learn to think fast. You adapt on a dime. I lived through the war years (where food was rationed) , the Eisenhower years where the country was pulling together, the tumultuous 60’s, the political strife of the 70’s and so on. Of course they affected me ie; I went to jail protesting the Vietnam War, that was scary sh*t but I always kept my eye on the prize which was visibility in an ever changing theatrical landscape. I started my own theatre company and began to produce and direct. Sometimes I’d star in a play, sometimes I’d direct, most times I’d produce. I did over 100 plays that way. Next month at the famed Actors Studio I’m directing a play by Vincent Marano about an ex-con who just can’t go straight. What fun! And I’m freakin’ 90 years old.

Can you reflect on how the various eras you navigated influenced your values, beliefs, and career trajectory?

Robin: The evolving American landscape toughened me up and made me entrepreneurial.

I knew if I wanted to flourish I’d damn well have to do it myself.

How do you think the entertainment industry has evolved over the years, and what are your thoughts on the role of actors in shaping societal attitudes and perceptions?

Robin: The industry today is streaming so while there’s a plethora of entertainment, opportunities for original material are lessened. Without the rights to a best selling novel, producers have a hard time. Actors without good management are up a tree. Bless us, there will always be gifted writers/directors on their way to the mainstream who use actors that do not have representation. One such talented young Filmmaker, James Timothy Doran, in his next feature “You’ll Do” a romantic comedy about overcoming these times of ghosting, love bombing, etc. uses unrepresented actors as long as he feels their talents fit the bill.

What new and exciting news can you share with us today?

Robin: Along the way I have trained as a Relationship Coach and my Instagram page Robin Lane is Always Right is a must for anyone looking for sure fire answers to all matters of the heart.

What advice would you give to younger generations based on your own experiences navigating through different time periods and historical events?


A) Figure out what your asset or assets are and strengthen them relentlessly.

B) Build a network and strengthen it regularly

C) Never be complacent

Robin Lane is always right. Listen to me and you’ll thrive no matter the evolving landscape

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Owner of Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media, Tammy Reese is an award-winning writer and journalist best known for landing major interviews with Angela Bassett, Sharon Stone, Sigourney Weaver, Laurence Fishburne, Geena Davis, Billy Porter, Morris Chestnut, Nelly, Mona Scott Young, Giancarlo Esposito, Luke Evans, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jennifer Connelly, Joseph Sikora, Meagan Good, Leon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Phylicia Rashad, Omar Epps, Courtney Kemp, Vivica A Fox, Ryan Coogler, and so many more.

She is a proud member of ForbesBLK as well as New York Women in Film and Television.

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