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"Smith Sisters' Wellness Center Brings Holistic Healthcare to Winston-Salem"

By Dr. Brittney Clinton | Monday, June 3, 2024 | 9:00 AM ET

Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness PLLC

2200 Silas Creek Parkway Suite 8A Winston-Salem, NC

“Where compassionate and holistic care is priority”

Stephanie Miles and Cherese Blue are sisters who have joined forces to form Smith's Primary Care and Wellness PLLC (PCW). The mission of the "Smith Girls," as they are known, is to bring together mental health and primary care services for the community in one easy-to-access location. The "Smith Girls" were overjoyed at the grand opening of their re-located practice on June 1, 2024, at 2200 Silas Creek Parkway Suite 8A Winston-Salem, NC, as they proudly declared that they had gone from "renting to owning" at the new site. As the sisters eagerly anticipate a place where everyone can access a holistic health care alternative, they proclaimed it a huge power play. 

In addition to her extensive background as a general care nurse practitioner for adults and older adults, Stephanie S. Miles is a businesswoman, mother, wife, boss, friend, and bosses. Committed to bringing you the best health and wellness experience possible while also spreading positivity and offering outstanding care. In addition to being a mother, wife, and company owner, Cherese S. Blue is a licensed clinical mental health counselor who is committed to creating a warm, accepting, and secure environment where people may get high-quality mental health treatment.

Members of the community are amazed to hear that the "Smith Girls"—two sisters in business—were able to realize their lifelong ambitions after finishing all the necessary education and certifications to become the proud owners of a primary care and wellness center. This realization began when the sisters were young adults. In addition to their shared history as business partners and biological sisters, Stephanie and Cherese value their friendship very highly. The inclusion of an infrared sauna to the new location's health offerings is something that both company partners are very thrilled about.  

Community members were welcomed with open arms and genuine concern the minute they stepped foot in the door. Every member of the staff was kind enough to listen to potential patients' concerns and provide suggestions, which helped them feel heard and understood. Another satisfied customer of IV Smiles Hydration and Wellness went on to say that the company's holistic approach to health helped her find inner peace in addition to alleviating her bodily ailments.  The finest relationship is constancy, the greatest gift is health, and the greatest treasure is contentment. Jeanette Torain, who is also a Nurse Practitioner, became acquainted with "The Smith Girls" through Stephanie Miles, the owner and operator of IV Smiles, during her time working at a local emergency room. Torain was eager to join Nurse Practitioner Miles and the team in their pursuit of unity through the provision of comprehensive primary health care.

Along the self-paced tour of the new facility, a patient raved about how coming to Smith's Primary Care and Wellness for all their healthcare requirements a game-changer for their health had been. As she excitedly awaited the start of her monthly drip treatment, Shayla Herndon-Edmunds enthusiastically explained how the "Glow Hydration Drip" she received at Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness had a good influence on her individual health issues and objectives.

Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness is the place to go for high-quality, individualized treatment, according to Mrs. Edmunds. The new site is conveniently located for the community, and Stephanie and Cherese are excited to promote mental health wellness to all varied demographics. 


About Dr. Brittney Clinton

Dr. Brittney Clinton is a content educational practitioner currently serving as an Associate Professor at Westcliff University, Dissertation Committee Member, independent published author, and compassionate leader that attract other professionals, scholars, and individuals in the community with a devoted purpose to empower, educate, and support others. Previously, Dr. Clinton served various leadership roles in Winston-Salem, NC with the following organizations: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc and The Order of the Eastern Star PHA 30th District. Dr. Clinton currently serves as a board member for the city of Winston-Salem, NC Appearance and Commission Board. Dr. Clinton graduated from the following prestigious institutions: Winston-Salem State University, B.A. Sociology/Elementary Education 2009, Strayer University, MA Education Leadership and Management 2012, and Capella University, Ed. D Education Leadership and Management 2015. Dr. Clinton founded the motto “Continue to be a beacon of light”; which is implemented daily while effectively illuminating a successful path for others.



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