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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

By Shemica Davis, Guest Contributor | February 4, 2021

Who says that you can’t wear a jogger suit and stilettos?

What are the fashion rules of engagement? There are no rules of engagement in fashion. Moreover, there is nothing simplistic in fashion because simplicity does not exist. Even in the midst of a pandemic, many places are closed but fashion never shuts down! You cannot turn a blind side or blind eye in the world of fashion. This is the era of cross mixing where anything goes, from the boardroom in the circumference of your living room, to the lounge for happy hour. Here’s a fashion statement with cross mixing of streetwear and a classy stiletto dagger.

SheFacez paired two dynamic fashions made in Italy creating a monochrome fit. The Solbiato Jogger suit shows off her curvaceous silhouette figure textured and trimmed with iridescent and holographic reflective. Comforting French terry fabric with eye catching popping candy apple red allowed uninhibited movement with extreme flexibility. French terry fabric has no barriers while fitted to show the curves. The curvaceous dreams of women are liberated in this Jogger. The material is soft providing relaxation as much as the adventurous high life.

Rugged, cozy and comfortable while standing tall and firm in a sassy Christian Louboutin Stiletto Dagger. Red bottom scribbled with a fantastical doodle signature set off the Monochrome fit. The murderous dagger changes the game and adds spice to the walk of the silhouette with a 4 ½ inch stiletto that exaggerates elements of the curves.

Shifting from the boardroom, to happy hour, to a day at the park this relaxed terry fabric jogger also coupled with an air jogger sneaker for a more relaxed occasion. She’s rocking Nike Air Max 720 luminous silk fabric radiant red Nikes contoured with black and finished with a reflective rear. Experience the air in every step with the dual density silhouette bubble sole.

Today ushered in a new era of street glam, chic and sophisticated. SheFacez created a rugged street wear adorn with two Chanel brooches, set off by matching Chanel earrings made this look vivacious and chic. Embellished with a glistening Pandora necklace and charm bracelet. Explore the world of sparkle with the luxurious Swarovski crystal cloaked around her finger. Clear sparkled tented Gucci frames to block sun. Her arm is wrapped with an exquisite Michele timepiece trimmed in red adding to the monochrome from head-to-toe.

The process of creating this iconic beauty moment has several beauty lines collaborated in one secret. Her flawless skin is laid with Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Teint foundation; brows laminated with Anastasia pomade and contoured with Mac Studio Finish concealer; full plump lips lined with Mac Beet lip liner and painted with Revlon Red for Me Matte lipstick. Lustrous deep waves have been colored platinum silver hair illuminates facial features.

Rugged and Chic has been declared the new hawt!


Shemica Davis, CEO and Creative Designer of She Facez, provides professional styling, personal shopping and closet organization. She is the host of Authentic Persuasion, an internet-based web show that broadcasts live every Thursday at 7 PM ET on Facebook.

Her personal memoir is set to be released Spring 2021.

Connect with Shemica on Facebook and Instagram.

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