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"Real, Raw & Relatable"

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

In her new memoir and self-help book, "Real, Raw & Relatable: Corporate Badass Mom to Zen Mom," Trish Perry shares her life experiences with the intent to pass on wisdom and lessons she's learned along the way. Featuring 52 stories, one for every week of the year – including her battle with breast cancer and a double mastectomy – readers are encouraged to reflect and journal after each story.

"I wrote about my experiences and learnings in the hopes of inspiring others going through similar challenges to persevere and live a purposeful and joyful life," said Perry, who 10 years ago experienced six consecutive adversities packed into nine months. "I was fighting breast cancer, had a double mastectomy. I was working at a company that was unsympathetic to my cancer. My dad was undergoing brain surgery. I had to say good-bye to my beloved dog, and my sister's devastating malignant melanoma diagnosis which led to her sudden passing a few weeks later."

A corporate leader for over 20 years, Perry leverages what she learned from her life events to her career as a coach, helping professionals experiencing unexpected hardships such as the loss of a loved one, a medical diagnosis, or major career change. She graciously does the same in her book, engaging readers through anecdotes and information that will leave them motivated and inspired.

"Throughout the book, I've applied efficient and effective tools, along with my anecdotes, to encourage readers to find their inner power and sense of direction," concludes Perry. "I've also created and shared a tried and tested process to recover and reinvent yourself."


About Trish Perry – Trish Perry, PCC, is a certified master Results Coach, trainer, speaker, author, and the founder of Harmonize Coaching, LLC. Trish's mission is to help clients create a positive, productive, resilient, and balanced life, resulting in achieving goals, success, self-confidence, and joy. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband Jay, of 30 plus years, their three wonderful children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and three dogs. Traveling, live concerts, cooking, and love of family and friends bring her abundant joy. Her superpower is vulnerability.

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