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PODCAST SPOTLIGHT | The Question Is... | Host, Ricky Muddimer

The Question is… is for leaders and managers looking for insights, advice, and guidance from an alternative viewpoint.

We explore the challenges of today faced by leaders and managers as they navigate a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. We believe it's the leaders and managers who think differently will get the best out of their people and truly stand out.

Thinking Focus is the behavioural change of people who help people get out of their own way by thinking differently. Our mindset is the problem; we unwittingly self-sabotage with harmful beliefs, assumptions, and self-imposed limitations holding us back and limiting our performance.

With over 30 years of real-world experience, we bring our expertise in leadership and management, culture transformation, change management, and productivity. We simplify complex theories making them accessible and actionable for managers and leaders to accelerate the adoption of new knowledge, skills, and behaviours to drive productivity, and ownership. and performance.

Ricky Muddimer, a visionary leader and co-founder of Thinking Focus, a trailblazing behavioural change business. Ricky's profound expertise lies in propelling leaders and managers through the tumultuous waters of change, reshaping organisational culture, amplifying productivity, and honing the art of guiding teams toward an ambiguous future.

Notably, Ricky is a distinguished member of the Forbes Coaching Council, a testament to his exceptional insights and contributions to the field. His name is a fixture in thought-provoking articles that dissect the intricacies of leadership and transformation.

With an illustrious career spanning two decades in Retail Financial Services, Ricky's journey through diverse leadership roles has endowed him with unparalleled insight. Adding another layer to his tapestry of experience, he boasts 15 years in Business Consultancy, traversing the globe and imprinting his wisdom across cultures and industries.

Ricky's interactions with leaders from multi-national corporations have been a crucible for growth, as he employs coaching, facilitation, and development to illuminate paths to success. His skillful blend of benevolent intent and provocative challenge truly sets him apart. Through his insightful guidance, individuals and teams alike experience those electrifying "a-ha" moments that propel them relentlessly forward.

Intriguing, insightful, and unafraid of embracing the uncharted, Ricky Muddimer is a name that beckons exploration for anyone seeking to unravel the secrets of effective leadership and navigate the uncharted waters of organisational evolution.


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