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Petrona Joseph: Former TV Personality Turned Publicist Advocating Mental Health

By Tammy Reese | Monday May 13, 2024 | 11:48 AM ET

Photo Credit: Andrea Hausmann

Petrona Joseph, the creative force behind the esteemed Montreal-based blog Slayedit Montreal, is a woman of many talents. A three-time nominated writer, accomplished author, and emerging Mental Health Advocate Speaker in North America, Petrona is on a mission to make a difference. Her influence extends beyond the digital realm, as she has actively worked to foster diversity in spaces traditionally closed to women of color. From her appearances on Breakfast Television to her role as a jury member for the African Film Festival, Petrona has been a tireless advocate for inclusivity and representation.

However, it is her commitment to destigmatizing mental health in racialized communities that truly sets her apart. Recognizing the silence surrounding mental illness, particularly in communities of color, Petrona has bravely shared her own struggles with depression and anxiety. In a society where mental health is often overlooked or dismissed, Petrona’s candid discussions have resonated deeply. Whether speaking on panels, television programs, or podcasts, she fearlessly confronts the taboo surrounding mental health, offering hope and support to those who may be suffering in silence. Petrona’s journey to advocacy was not without its challenges. A pivotal moment came when she experienced a debilitating panic attack while suspended from a bridge, prompting her to confront the depression she had long ignored. This experience, coupled with her own struggles with medication and familial acceptance, fueled her determination to make a difference. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Countless individuals have reached out to Petrona, sharing their own battles with mental illness and finding solace in her words.

Photo Credit: Andrea Hausmann

For Petrona, the importance of her work is clear: “As I speak, someone is thinking of committing suicide, struggling to take medication, suffering in silence, crying alone, and feeling alienated. This is why I do what I do.” Petrona Joseph’s impact transcends geographical boundaries. A Trinidadian-born Canadian who has called Montreal home since 2016, Petrona’s diverse upbringing has shaped her worldview and fueled her passion for advocacy. While her initial aspirations may have been different, Petrona’s journey has led her to become a leading voice in the fight for mental health awareness. In a world where stigma still looms large, Petrona Joseph stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to speak out, seek help, and embrace their journey to healing.

Petrona’s book Stigmatized: Breaking the Silence and Demystifying Mental Illness is available on Amazon.

Connect with Petrona on Instagram: @iampetronajoseph


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