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Is Your Way In Your Way? Podcast empowers women to mitigate self-imposed barriers, self-sabotaging behaviors, imposter syndrome, and burnout that prevents them from living their best life on their terms.

About the Host, Cassandra Crawley Mayo

Cassandra Crawley Mayo pens her debut book, Is Your Way In Your Way?, as a corporate leader who achieves her goal of retiring at age 55.

During an accomplished career she predicates every achievement on her intimate relationship with God, the support of mentors and a strong work ethic. Prior to retirement, Cassandra was Vice President, Client Relations in a Fortune Global 500 company.

In this role, she served as a catalyst for change in the way the organization acquired and retained its business. This was achieved through her leadership toolbox, which includes coaching, facilitation, and training initiatives, and her passion for excellence and customer service.

Building on this vast experience, she currently provides services as a keynote speaker and training facilitator at corporate workshops and conferences.

Cassandra resides in Maryland with her husband, Michael Mayo, and their fur baby, Max.



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