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Educator Spotlight | Dr. Rhonda Hylton

Dr. Rhonda Hylton is an Assistant Professor in the School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies (TLC) in the College of Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS) at Kent State University. She is a former middle school Language Arts teacher, adjunct English instructor, and English Language Arts content area coach. Dr. Hylton’s dissertation and current research focuses on Black Women faculty and how their teaching experiences and positionality influence their perceptions of their literacy pedagogy. She is passionate about ensuring the diverse voices of Black women faculty are heard and valued through her work.

Additionally, Dr. Hylton works with other scholars to learn more about preservice teachers and how to best prepare them to teach writing; and the role of families, particularly Black mothers, in critical school partnerships. Dr. Hylton has shared her ideas through publications as well as national and state conference presentations. A teacher at heart, Dr. Hylton remains curious about the world around her and models her learning and curiosity for students.

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