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DR. SEV Talks MONEY Podcast Coming Soon to Roku!

The Dr. Sev Talks Money podcast educates and empower women and couples so they maximize their money superpower. Our goal is hope through sharing of Lessons Learned, Practical Tips, Realistic Strategies and Workable Solutions that lead to financial freedom. Dr. Sev encourages you take control of your finances with a practical plan that’s tailored to your specific needs so you can reach your financial goals.

About the Host, Dr. Severine Bryan

Dr. Severine Bryan is a personal finance educator, Accredited Financial Counselor®, speaker, and host of the Dr. Sev Talks Money podcast. She is zealous about financial literacy and believes that we begin to solve personal finance problems when we start with addressing our money mindset. Dr. Sev’s passion is to give hope and tools to women and couples experiencing financial hiccups. Dr. Sev’s motto is “anything is possible with a plan”. She understands and is empathetic towards people who need to build or rebuild their financial lives.

An active member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education®, Dr. Sev has been teaching personal finance concepts for over 20 years. However, her personal finance mission became much more intentional after going through a divorce at age 53. Walking away from the home she owned for 13 years, she rebuilt her credit from the low 500s to 800s. She was able to grow a five-figure emergency fund and rebuild a negative net worth into multiple six figures in just over 4 years after her divorce. Dr. Sev’s financial rebuild also included paying off $39k in student loans in under four years, post-divorce. If that were not enough, she completed her doctoral degree at age 56.

During the health pandemic of 2020, Dr. Sev founded Bryan Financial Empowerment LLC dba Sev Talks Money to serve women in the areas of debt management, debt crisis counseling, financial literacy, credit management, savings, budgeting, and setting financial goals. With this company, she is on a mission to reach at least 10,000 women over the next 5 years with the message of hope for their finances. She plans to do this through workshops, speaking engagements, individual and group counseling, and more.

She also authored her first book titled “Never Too Late to Begin Again: A Personal Finance Story”. In this book she shares some of her life stories as they relate to her financial life, while providing personal finance tips and strategies. The objective is that her story will provide hope to women, especially those experiencing gray divorces, to know they are not alone, and that reclaiming their lives is possible. The book will be published and released soon.


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