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Discover the Best New Show on Roku: Re-Imagine YOU Lab

The space and place to learn, test, try, and say goodbye to doubt and delay. Your host, Michelle Gines, the Re-Imagine Scientist! She is called to create, cultivate, and collaborate with YOU. The real you, the true you, and the best of YOU - that you haven’t realized yet.

In the lab podcast, Gines is committed to learning from those that have done it. We test ideas, untangle perspectives, create new hypothesis, try a new approach and commit to saying goodbye to anything that has ever stood in your way.

Meet Great Guests. Hear Phenomenal Stories. Be Inspired by Encouraging Words.

About Michelle Gines

Introducing Michelle Gines, the dynamic and high-energy podcast host and coach who has dedicated herself to guiding individuals through the transformative power of change.

Michelle's mission is to propel listeners toward lives of remarkable impact, enduring influence, and boundless inspiration. As the driving force behind the ReImagineYOU Lab Podcast, Michelle brings magnetic energy and unwavering passion to every episode. Their signature blend of engaging interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and practical insights ignites the spark of personal and professional growth in their listeners.

Renowned for their ability to extract wisdom from thought leaders, change-makers, and visionaries across diverse fields, Michelle empowers their audience to embrace change as a catalyst for personal and societal transformation. With years of experience as a change catalyst, Michelle is also a sought-after coach. Their coaching programs are designed to help individuals navigate the turbulent waters of change with resilience and grace, enabling them to craft a life marked by impact, influence, and unwavering inspiration.

Michelle firmly believes that change is not just an inevitability but a powerful force for positive growth. Through their podcast and coaching, they provide the tools and strategies needed to harness change as a driving factor in achieving personal and professional excellence.

Tune in to Michelle on the FAM TV Plus Network Channel VP 1006 on Roku for a dose of motivation, actionable insights, and inspirational stories. Their electrifying listening experience will leave you inspired and ready to embark on your journey of transformation.

Michelle Gines is the author of the bestselling book "Don't Say That". In this book, she shares her personal journey of using change as a catalyst for achieving a life of purpose and impact through the words they speak.



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