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Santos Legal Group values entrepreneurship and ownership. First, they work with you to identify what your business and trademark needs are and then guide you through the process of protecting your brand. They strive to provide you with a detailed, comprehensive assessment of your unique needs and goals to ensure we have a proper legal strategy for your business or organization.

Headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey and founded in 2020 by attorney Kiara M. Santos, Santos Legal Group specializes in Law, Trademarks, Business, contracts, contract drafting, contract review, and contract negotiations.

About Kiara M. Santos, Esq.

Kiara Santos is an attorney who focuses on brand protection via Trademarks law. She is the Founder and Owner of Santos Legal Group. Her firm is big on culture, education, and advocating for ownership. As an Afro-Latina, Kiara is keenly aware of the needs that exists in her communities and that is the reason she knows how important it is to help educate and empower. Kiara is also the President of Women That Bloom, Inc, a Nonprofit Organization that is committed to catalyzing growth for professional women. In these two roles, she is able to utilize her skills and experience to make a difference in women’s lives and businesses.

Kiara’s career in law began over seven years ago when she started working at a large firm as a paralegal assistant. While in law school, she transitioned to a small law office. Her externship at this small law office really engrained in her the importance and great need to bring generational wealth building knowledge to minority communities, as well as young entrepreneurs and creatives. Prior to founding Santos Legal Group, she created her own business and provided legal consulting services to a number of other small companies. Kiara’s varying experience with Business and Trademarks makes her a well-rounded attorney who understands brand protection needs from many perspectives.

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