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Femly™ currently works with champions in hospitality, healthcare, education, and even stocks restrooms at stadiums and more with a patent-pending dispenser and accompanying products. Period poverty is a term coined to acknowledge the lack of access to menstrual hygiene or waste facilities. Period poverty is most often associated with those that can't afford to purchase products for their period, but almost 80 percent of the menstruating population finds themselves in public without access to a pad or tampon. a feminine care brand that manufacturers organic period care and smart dispensers.

Femly is a Black woman-led brand that supports people and planet by shipping products to people & places. Femly was founded by Arion Long.

About Arion Long

Arion launched Femly™ after being diagnosed with a tumor that was linked with chemicals in the period care that she was using. With a mission to increase access to organic menstrual hygiene products like pads and tampons, she designed a first-of-its-kind dispenser to provide free products in school and corporate restrooms around the country.

As a venture-backed founder, she is scaling to support a mission that matters with a goal of bringing Femly™ dispensers and products to restrooms everywhere.


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