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Breaking Negative Mindsets: The Inspiring Journey of Motivational Speaker and Author Josias Jean-Pierre 

By Tammy Reese | Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 8:52 AM ET

Josias Jean-Pierre’s journey from special education classes to international stages is nothing short of remarkable. As a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Jean-Pierre is dedicated to helping individuals overcome negative mindsets and embrace their full potential. His early vision of speaking to large audiences propelled him through numerous challenges, shaping his mission to empower others. Recognized by prestigious outlets like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and LA Wire, Jean-Pierre’s impact extends far and wide, demonstrating the power of persistence and faith in achieving one’s dreams.

How would you define your vision and purpose?

Josias: My vision and purpose is to help people break the mindset of negativity so they can be equipped with a growth mindset. Helping others to be empowered to walk into their true self unapologetically in the identity of Christ so they can elevate fully in him.

What role does faith play in your motivational speaking and personal journey?

Josias: My faith plays a big role when it comes to my motivational speaking and personal journey. I had an encounter with God and I am a testament when it comes to the things I talk about on stage. I can’t talk what I don’t walk. When I am on stage talking, I am also walking what I am talking which is a true testament to where people want to know who I am connected to when it comes to my speaking. Those are opportunities where I can point to Christ. When I had an encounter with Jesus Christ, I didn’t turn back and I surrendered my goals to him and it was him who gave me the vision of the stage. Because he gave me that vision, I am dedicated to do it his way because his way is best.

As a motivational speaker, your message focuses on breaking negative mindsets. Can you elaborate on some strategies you recommend for overcoming negative thinking?

Josias: One of the strategies that I do as a speaker when talking about negative mindset is to break down the why and how the belief came about. We will do lots of self reflection and go to the root of how this thing you call yourself became a self identity belief. The most powerful weapon we humans have is our tongue and if we aren’t speaking life over lives, we will then reap seeds of destruction. One of the best strategies I recommend for overcoming negative thinking is this: challenge the thought and pause. What I mean is this: if you have a negative thought about self, challenge that thought and speak life in the midst. Don’t let the thought just hover but rebuke it and speak life over yourself. You do that more often, you will see a change in how you view yourself. It will also change your thought process. 

I recommend people to sit down on their self care time and write down what you believe about you. One of the biggest things I realize is the majority of our self reflection on what we thought about self is negative. Don’t just write down what comes to mind when you think about you, but get to the root on how it came into your life. Once we recognize the thought, we have to challenge the thought and speak life over that negative thought.

Being named Author of the Year from South Africa is a significant achievement. How has this recognition impacted your career and your message?

Josias: When I was nominated for South Africa author of the year, it impacted my career where a lot of places internationally are reaching out asking for me to come and speak. Major doors have been opened to do a book tour virtually.

What are you working on as of late?

Josias: As of late, I am working on a book tour and working on getting my books into audio since that’s been a high request people are asking for it to be in audio. Also, I am working on doing a credit literacy workshop and on the run with teaching the masses on credit and how to get their credit rebuilt up. With the amount of issues that comes with credit reports, lots of folks are stuck on how to get it back up and feel or believe there’s no hope for them. As a Board Certified Credit Consultant and someone who has worked in the banking industry in the front and back end, I witnessed the hurt and pain that folks had when they were not able to get approved. Being able to help them with their credit and have their credit restored, I was able to see the transformation and doors open for a family just because their credit is restored and they can now be lendable again.

What future projects or goals are you most excited about, and how do you plan to expand your impact even further?

Josias: My future project that I am so excited about is a book collaboration with Les Brown. With this collaboration, it will expand the audience and also new territories.

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