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Author Spotlight | Andrea Terrero Gabbadon | Support and Retain Educators of Color

Support and Retain Educators of Color sets school leaders on the path to creating a culturally diverse environment where all students and teachers can thrive.

Multiple studies have explored the benefits of teacher diversity and strategies to recruit educators of color, but few focus on how to retain them. As professional demands on teachers intensify, many are leaving the classroom--and educators of color, already underrepresented in the field, are walking away at higher rates than their white counterparts. Research indicates the presence of educators of color benefits all students, so we must act now to lessen this financially and culturally costly turnover.

Andrea Terrero Gabbadon presents six principles to guide school leaders in their efforts to support and retain educators of color:

* Acknowledge that teacher diversity matters. * Cultivate reflection and self-awareness. * Assess and plan for action. * Commit to sustainable and high-impact instructional supports. * Foster supportive environments for culturally responsive approaches. * Lead for an inclusive community.

Featuring voices from teachers in the field, research-based strategies and solutions, and recommendations for resources to enhance understanding and practice, Support and Retain Educators of Color is a vital tool for leadership intent on cultivating an affirming, validating, and inclusive school environment to serve a diverse population of staff and students.

About the Author

Andrea Terrero Gabbadon is a professor of education, professional learning designer and facilitator, and qualitative researcher with a background in teaching and instructional leadership. She is affiliated with Temple University and Swarthmore College and is the founder and senior consultant at ILM Consulting Group.

She presents more than 60 times a year on average and has a principal's certification, a master's degree in school leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, and a doctorate in policy and organizational studies from Temple University.

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