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The Soulful, Sultry Sound of Rachel Burrell

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

By Dr. Sharon H. Porter | Wednesday, September 13, 2023 | 9:27 PM ET.

Humble, genuine, and relatable are just three characteristics that I would describe Ms. Burrell. She has a practical outlook on life, focusing on what's important rather than getting caught up in superficial matters. She writes most of her songs and sings them from a place of experience. I spent about an hour talking with her as she sat in her apartment in New Jersey. She is authentic and true to herself. Absolutely, not trying to be someone she's not. With Burrell, you get what you get, there is no representative.

Rachel Burrell is a passionate singer and writer who has been grabbing the attention of many on the local New York and New Jersey music/creative scene, due to her distinct and soulful voice. She has performed at the New York Institute of Technology, “More Than Me Fundraiser”, The Delancey, Sidewalk Cafe, Rockwood Music hall, Shrine, LPR, at numerous open mics, and numerous showcases throughout New York City.

She actually started writing at about the age of eight years old. Growing up in a family where communication was not a priority, she learned quickly how to express herself, through writing and through music.

She released her EP, Warrior Woman in 2019, which features the acclaimed title track, Warrior Woman. She followed up with the release of her EP, This Is Love, in February of 2020. Both of these projects are a fusion of soul music and spoken word.

Burrell has also authored four books. You can find Memories That Linger, Journey To Purpose, Lines And In-Between and You, A Sales Expert? Of Course, on Amazon.

She is also committed to working with the high school students in New York and New Jersey specifically teaching workshops related to creative writing and performance.

The podcast interview in its entirety can be found by clicking HERE.

You can catch her full feature in the November/December print issue of Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine and her full interview on Roku on the FAM TV Plus Network VP 1006.


Dr. Sharon H. Porter is Editor-In-Chief of Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine and Media. She is also the owner of SHP Media and Broadcasting Studio, and host of The I Am Dr. Sharon Show that streams on RokuTV on the FAM TV Plus Network.

You can catch a new episode of The I Am Dr. Sharon Show every Monday at 7 PM ET on RokuTV Channel VP 1006 on the FAM TV Plus Network.

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I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Ms. Rachel Burrell!

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