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The Krasil Garage Show is Coming to Roku!

By Dr. Sharon H. Porter | August 20, 2023 | 3:31 PM ET

Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine in partnership Fast Arrow Media is excited to bring The Krasil Garage Show to the FAM TV Plus Network on channel VP 1006 on Roku TV!

The Krasil Garage Show, hosted by Krasil Bradsaw, will be your place to come to view interviews with every day people about their cars; from the classics to hotrods, low riders, Mopar®, and muscle cars. Krasil will be checking out some of the newest muscle cars that are currently out or that are soon to come.

About the Host

Krasil Bradshaw is the creator of the DMV Rod's & Classic's Car Club, which host car shows across the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


To find Channel VP 1006 on ROKU, go to the Roku Home Page, click "Add Channel" and search for FAM TV Plus.

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