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PODCAST SPOTLIGHT | WHAT RULES? | Hosts: Alisa Manjarrez, Dr. Merary Simeon, and Courtney Copelin

What Rules!? is a career podcast for women of color. What Rules!? is dedicated to helping multicultural women outsmart the game to advance their careers through rule-breaking strategies from top multicultural executives, many from Fortune 500 companies. The podcast is hosted by Alisa Manjarrez, Dr. Merary Simeon, and Courtney Copelin, three successful multicultural women with backgrounds in leadership, diversity, and human resources.

About the Hosts

Alisa Manjarrez is a storyteller, marketer, and executive coach. She is the Managing Director of a B2B creative agency and has her Master's in Organizational Management & Leadership. Alisa is Mexican American and is passionate about advancing women of color in corporate America as co-CEO of the newly launched Zera Consulting. Dr. Merary Simeon, a seasoned Human Resources executive, brings 25 years of experience as a trusted advisor to C-suite executives in Fortune 50 corporations. Dr. Merary has a doctorate in Strategic Leadership and is the best-selling author of H.E.R.A.C.T. As a co-CEO of Zera Consulting, she passionately advocates for the advancement of multicultural women. Dr. Merary is from Puerto Rico and is fluent in Spanish.

Courtney Copelin is an accountability and mindset coach. She is committed to helping her clients achieve their career goals and gain clarity, confidence, and alignment in their job search. Courtney has a Master's in Applied Psychology, Organizational, and Consumer Psychology, and she provides a wellness perspective to the What Rules!? podcast. What Rules!? is a project of Zera Consulting, which will host the What Rules!? Leadership Conference, specifically developed for multicultural women and their managers, on 10/25/23.


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