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PODCAST SPOTLIGHT | The Unlock Moment | With Host, Dr. Gary Crotaz

The Unlock Moment

A long-form interview podcast about discovering remarkable life and career clarity, with Dr. Gary Crotaz, PhD.

Dr. Gary's guests include such luminaries of the coaching world as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Whitney Johnson, Dr. Carol Kauffman, and Claire Pedrick MCC, as well as a Nobel Prize-winner, world-leading athletes, and Hollywood actors. Each episode dives deep into purpose, motivation, and learning, to live and to lead an authentic life.

“Just having this conversation with you in a way feels very exposing, but in a really powerful and authentic way – and I feel that the questions you’re asking me, they’re questions that I don’t think anyone has asked me." World-leading coach Beatrice Zornek

About the Host, Dr. Gary Crotaz

Dr. Gary Crotaz is an executive coach, award-winning author, keynote speaker, and host of the hit podcast The Unlock Moment. Formerly a doctor, a professional dancer, and a senior retail executive, when it comes to personal growth and transformation he’s ticked most of the boxes!

Thinkers 360 named Gary the number 2 global thought leader in coaching for 2023. His book The IDEA Mindset was named Coaching Book of the Year by Henley Business School in 2022. Gary has worked with highly talented people in over 20 countries, from senior executives to entrepreneurs and performers, unlocking their potential to achieve extraordinary goals.


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