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PODCAST SPOTLIGHT | Design Your Life and Business: The Podcast for Leaders | Host, Jevon Wooden

Design Your Life And Business: The Podcast For Leaders is brought to you by BrightMind Consulting Group. In each episode, host Jevon Wooden sits down for meaningful conversations with leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs, giving you the tools to become the architect of not just your business, but your life too.

About the Host | Jevon Wooden

Jevon Wooden is a business growth strategist, leadership coach, speaker, author, podcast host, and Bronze Star Recipient who is passionate about leadership, business strategy, effective communication, marketing, technology, and helping motivated individuals and businesses achieve their goals.

Wooden's remarkable business growth and personal development ideas have been featured in top publications such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Foundr, Forbes Coaches Council, and Verizon. Whether you are looking to scale your business, build your brand, or navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Wooden is here to provide the support, insight, and expertise you need to achieve your dreams.



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