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PODCAST SPOTLIGHT | Rite Now Radio Podcast | Host, Rashad Robinson

Rite Now Radio Podcast is where IT Professionals come together for engaging discussions on positivity, growth, and technology. Gain exclusive insights from tech recruiters, hiring managers, and visionary entrepreneurs, covering current events, certification trends, job preparation, and salary negotiation skills.

What time is it?! Rite Now!!! The time is now! To bring the best podcast to radio waves including collective conversations on technology, community involvement, education, entrepreneurship, career advancement, current events, and more.

About the Host, Rashad Robinson

Rashad Robinson is a proud graduate of THE Alabama State University & St. Jude! He is a highly experienced IT professional with 14 years of experience including five years of education experience as he has certified, accredited, taught courses in the Cisco Networking Academy program at Valiant Cross Academy and Trenholm State Community College in Montgomery, AL. Robinson has worked as a desktop systems administrator, network technician, network engineer, and PC technician over his career. He has traveled to Guam, Japan, Alaska, New York, Arizona, Canada for different government contract assignments for installation, refresh, upgrade projects. He has experience in working with Cisco, Juniper, Ruckus networking equipment along with F5, ACI, and various firewall technologies.


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