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By Dr. Sharon H. Porter

Filmmaker and playwright, Tyler Perry gathered several celebrities for "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands challenge. Hundreds of thousands of people have accepted the challenge on Facebook and Instagram. Perry stated he wanted to start something to make everyone feel better.

Two posts that caught my attention were Jimmie "JJ" Jeter from Broadway's Hamilton along with his sister Joi D. Jeter and a post from Jimeetre Miller, two beautiful renditions.

Most are abiding by their local and state government directive to stay home, practice social distancing and self-quarantine. It is refreshing to see that people are doing their best to carry out their day-to day routines, but with a twist. That twist is the use of technology. There are virtual birthday parties, happy hours, movie watching, and of course social media challenges.

Enjoy the videos of Jimmie "JJ" Jeter, Joi D. Jeter and Jimeetre Miller, they are truly spreading joy with these vocals!

Have you accepted the challenge? Post your video in the comments!

Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon) is an educator, best-selling author, podcaster, and interview host. She is Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Vision & Purpose (V&P) LifeStyle Magazine.

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Mar 25, 2020

Beautiful voices!

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