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"Empowering Communities through Literacy: A Conversation with Kris Murray"

By Dr. Sharon H. Porter | Monday, February 19, 2024 | 4:00 PM ET

Fewer than 3 in 10 (28.0%) children and young people aged 8 to 18 said that they read daily in 2023, matching levels seen in 2022.

  • There has been a 26% decrease in the number of children and young people aged 8 to 18 who read daily in their free time since 2005 (decreasing from 38.1% to 28.0%).

  • Fewer children and young people who receive free school meals (FSMs) said they read daily compared with those who don’t (24.1% vs. 28.9%).

  • More girls than boys aged 8 to 18 said they read daily (30.4% vs 24.9%). Only 1 in 5 (21.5%) of boys who receive FSMs read daily, compared with 3 in 10 (31.1%) of girls who don’t receive FSMs. However, daily reading levels increased for boys and decreased for girls between 2022 and 2023 regardless of whether or not they received FSMs.

Join the Vision & Purpose Podcast for an inspiring episode as I sit down with Kris Murray, author, educator, and speaker, who is spearheading a transformative community literacy event in Capitol Heights, Maryland, on Sunday, February 25, 2024.

Kris shares insights into the power of literacy in fostering community engagement and empowerment. Discover how her innovative approach is shaping the future of education and creating lasting impacts on individuals and neighborhoods alike.

Black Children's Book Week will take place February 25- March 2, 2024. Founded in 2022 by social entrepreneur and author Veronica N. Chapman, Black Children’s Book Week (BCBW) is a global celebration of Black children and the power of Black representation in children’s books. Chapman’s goal is to “raise the vibration in the world” for Black children. And now her reach includes an online world, as Chapman has created a Black Children’s Book Museum in the Metaverse to accompany the celebration.

The Community Literacy Rally. will have special guest speakers, a Children's Book Fair, and exciting giveaways. Guest speakers include Iya Bashea Imana and Dr. Rachek Edoho-Eket.

Iya (Bashea Jenkins-Imana) is an Award-winning educator and entertainer. She has inspired, educated, and empowered thousands of young people for over 25 years. Iya is the founder of Kuumba Kids, an innovative developer and provider of culturally affirming and relevant early childhood educational programs, curriculum, and materials. Iya's energetic, enthusiastic, and motivating personality captivates young people of all ages

Dr. Rachel Edoho-Eket (Ed-oh-eck-it) is a wife, mother, principal, author, and speaker. Her journey in public education spans eighteen years, during which she has served as a classroom teacher, instructional team leader, mentor teacher, assistant principal, and principal. Her school was recently named the 2024 #1 ranked public elementary school in central Maryland.

Tune in to learn how you can be a part of this impactful initiative and ignite positive change through literacy.


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