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Divine Nine Member Spotlight | LaShona Patton-Jones | Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

By Dr. Sharon H. Porter | Monday, December 18, 2023 | 6:00 AM ET

Today's Divine Nine Member Spotlight is sponsored by L and M Catering.

Join Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine in celebrating the incredible influence of the members of the Divine Nine! Discover the rich legacy and vibrant impact of these exceptional members in our special Divine Nine Spotlight!

From Alpha to Omega, we're shining a spotlight on the trailblazers, scholars, leaders, and community advocates who make up the Divine Nine. Get ready to dive into the history, achievements, and empowering stories of the members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations that continue to shape our society.

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Who or what inpired you to become a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.?

Soror Denise Williams, an award winning educator was my first glimpse into this illustrious sorority. She was the first Delta in my family and I was inspired by her leadership and perseverance to become not only the first National Accredited Teacher in Mecklenburg County but a visionary that touched the lives of my children as a teacher and a principal.

After much research, I was also inspired by the courageous founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Their very first act of bravery as young college educated women blew my mind. To step out on faith and create the largest African American Sorority in itself was a feat.

Self-confidence goes a long way. Having the power to choose differently and knowing when you are being led to lead in a different direction sums it up.

Being organized, change agents and willing to go against the grain is powerful. Having foresight and courage to be who you are and dream a different dream that fits you.

Deltas lead, Deltas change the world and Deltas aren't afraid to live authentically with power, justice and fortitude

It was definitely Delta. Something about January 13 and March 13, 1913 that I couldn't shake. The imagery of 22 young women at the turn of the century choosing a different path to solidify their own need for a higher calling within the bonds of Sisterhood, Scholarship and Service.

About LaShona Patton-Jones

LaShona Patton-Jones is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a wife and mother to six children. LaShona holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Bennett College for Women, a Master’s of Science in Human Resources Organizational Development from Walden University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration.

Ms. Patton-Jones moved to Maryland in 2006 and her impact in the community was felt immediately. She cultivated a career in workforce development. LaShona transferred her skillset to the Human Resources field in 2014 after completing her master’s degree. She is owner and operator of a full-service professional services firm L. Jones and Associates wherein she caters to organizations, companies in the areas of professional development, career navigation and coaching. She is also a licensed Non-Public Arbitrator for FINRA and uses her past experience as a licensed Financial Representative to educate the community on wealth building.  She finds time to run a catering business and is a chef in her own right. LaShona volunteers at various schools in the Baltimore community in the Cherry Hill neighborhood. She works with 7th and 8th graders with Seasoned Women Ministries as a mentor. She cultivates trust and teaches a curriculum called Choices which assists students with developing self-esteem, hygiene and better life choices. Her service volunteerism doesn’t stop there. She is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

LaShona Patton-Jones is now an author with her new releases of her first books- Learning to Cook for My Man Romance through Food and North Carolina  Girsl Living in a Maryland World (Perfect Time SHP Publishing). Ms. Patton- Jones' domestic violence platform was cultivated in her contribution to North Carolina Girls Living in a Maryland World book collaboration. She speaks of her trials and triumphs of overcoming physical, emotional and mental abuse. Since writing the book she works with young women to build self worth and self esteem through various community programs and a newly established nonprofit Rita Cares. Mrs. Patton-Jones was a 2022 recipient of the "I Am Beautiful Award" in Atlanta, Georgia. She was cited by the Mayor of Forest Park, Georgia.

About Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was founded on January 13, 1913, by 22 young women studying at Howard University. They sought to create an organization rooted in sisterhood, scholarship, service, and social action. Today, we have blossomed into more than courageous women could have imagined, with over 350,000 initiated women and over 1,000 chapters located worldwide.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. is a private, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world. The sorority currently has 1,000 collegiate and alumnae chapters located in the United States, Canada, Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), Germany, the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Jamaica, West Africa, Southern African, United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of Korea.

About the Divine Nine

The Divine Nine, formally known as, the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is a collaborative umbrella council composed of nine historically African American fraternities and sororities, and also referred to as Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs). The NPHC was formed as a permanent organization on May 10, 1930, on the campus of Howard University, in Washington, D.C., with Matthew W. Bullock as the active Chairman and B. Beatrix Scott as Vice-Chairman. NPHC was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois in 1937.

The council promotes interaction through forums, meetings, and other media for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative programming and initiatives through various activities and functions.

Each constituent member organization determines its own strategic direction and program agenda. Today, the primary purpose and focus of member organizations remains camaraderie and academic excellence for its members and service to the communities they serve. Each promotes community awareness and action through educational, economic, and cultural service activities.


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