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By Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine and Media Digital Team

Byron Allen's Allen Media Group announced a 'firm go' for the creation and launch of its 70th and newest HD television series FAST: HOME RESCUE. This new one-hour weekly home renovation series highlighting families impacted by natural disasters as it follows disaster-relief organization Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) -- founded by the late FAST & FURIOUS movie franchise star, Paul Walker. FAST: HOME RESCUE is a weekly one-hour syndicated series for fall 2023 available to broadcast television stations.

Each adrenaline-pumping, awe-inspiring, heart-warming episode of FAST: HOME RESCUE follows Cody and Felicia Walker (brother and sister-in-law of the late actor, Paul Walker) as they rebuild homes that were devastated by natural disasters. Spreading neighborly love around America, the husband-and-wife duo run Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW), a disaster relief organization started by Paul, which deploys all over the world to help families get back into their storm damaged houses. Every week, Cody and Felicia lead their team to rebuild and renovate a home for a different family. With so many houses to fix from coast to coast, they only have one week to complete each build! While the stakes couldn't be higher, they make sure to always have a ton of fun while completing each project!

"The new series FAST: HOME RESCUE is at the intersection of extreme weather events and home renovation. This transformative show reveals the destructive nature of tornadoes, fires and floods, while highlighting the powerful recovery stories of each family," said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group, "Viewers will experience many emotions during the one-hour episodes, from heartbreak, to surprise, and heart-warming moments of triumph."

FAST: HOME RESCUE is produced by Allen Media Group in conjunction with Fight or Flight Studios and is distributed exclusively by Allen Media Group Television.


About Byron Allen

Byron Allen is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Entertainment Studios and is a worldwide leader in the entertainment industry. Mr. Allen’s foray into television production began in Los Angeles in 1993 when he founded his company with the launch of his first series -- ENTERTAINERS WITH BYRON ALLEN -- a weekly, one-hour series profiling the current stars of film and television. ENTERTAINERS is still on-the-air today, and is cleared in nearly all television households nationwide. Entertainment Studios currently produces, distributes, and sells advertising for 38 television series, making it the largest independent producer/distributor of first-run syndicated programming for broadcast television globally.

Among the company’s top programs are the Emmy-winning CARS.TV, sitcoms MR. BOX OFFICE and THE FIRST FAMILY, as well numerous other programs including: ENTERTAINERS WITH BYRON ALLEN, COMICS UNLEASHED WITH BYRON ALLEN, the Emmy-nominated court series AMERICA’S COURT WITH JUDGE ROSS, the Emmy-nominated court series WE THE PEOPLE WITH GLORIA ALLRED, JUSTICE FOR ALL WITH CRISTINA PEREZ, COMEDY.TV, BEAUTIFUL HOMES & GREAT ESTATES, KICKIN’ IT WITH BYRON ALLEN, PETS.TV, RECIPE.TV, CAREER DAY, WHO WANTS TO DATE A COMEDIAN?, THE YOUNG ICONS, and THE GOSSIP QUEENS. In 2009, Allen became the first television entrepreneur to own and launch a portfolio of six 24-Hour HD television networks simultaneously.

These six networks are: PETS.TV, COMEDY.TV, RECIPE.TV, CARS.TV, ES.TV, and MYDESTINATION.TV In December, 2012, Entertainment Studios launched its seventh HD cable network, JUSTICECENTRAL.TV, a 24/7 HD legal and news cable television network whose programming features the biggest names in law dedicated to courtroom shows, legal news, and a broad range of law-oriented original content. All 7 cable networks are now carried on AT&T U-verse, with COMEDY.TV and JUSTICECENTRAL.TV both now carried on DirecTV, as well. ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS / BYRON ALLEN –

In 2015, Allen further extended the scope of Entertainment Studios with the purchase of Freestyle Releasing, a full-service, theatrical motion picture distribution company that specializes in representing independent companies, major studios, and mini-major studios for the purpose of exhibiting their films nationwide in theatrical release. Included in the purchase was the Freestyle Digital Media division, which supplies quality commercial film and TV content directly to all US VOD/SVOD rental DVD/Kiosks and theaters using the latest cloud-based technologies. With an ever-expanding library of over 5,000 hours of wholly-owned content, Entertainment Studios provides programming to traditional and emerging distribution platforms, including 1,400 television stations across the U.S. The company mission is to provide quality programming to television viewers, online users, and Fortune 500 advertising partners. Allen’s interest in show business began during his childhood, when he would accompany his mother to NBC studios in Burbank where she worked as a publicist. Free to roam the soundstages, Allen would sneak onto THE TONIGHT SHOW set, sit behind Johnny Carson’s desk and play talk show host. But he took it one step further, and at age 14, Allen put together his first stand-up routine and began appearing on amateur night at comedy clubs throughout the Los Angeles area. At one performance, comedian Jimmy Walker saw the act and was so impressed that he invited the 14 year-old comedian to join his comedy writing team alongside promising young comedians Jay Leno and David Letterman. At age 18, Allen made his national television debut on THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON. Allen holds the distinction of being the youngest standup comedian ever to have performed on the show. Watching Allen’s network television debut were the producers of NBC’s REAL PEOPLE, who were so taken with his comfortable, relaxed style that they made him an offer the very next day to co-host what would become the first reality-based program ever broadcast on television. He accepted, and REAL PEOPLE dominated the network’s Wednesday night prime-time for five years. Allen’s experience hosting REAL PEOPLE was his training ground for the business of television. His gig was to travel the nation with a crew and shoot segments profiling real people across America’s heartland. So while he was getting his feet wet as a television personality, he was also learning the ins and outs of television production. No doubt the experience also prepared him to take on the business of advertising and syndication, which he learned in the trenches by personally calling station owners, programming directors and advertisers, one-byone and market-by-market. ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS / BYRON ALLEN –

For many years, Mr. Allen was the annual host of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Annual “Dinner of Champions.” This annual event is sponsored by and benefits the Southern California Chapter of the National MS Society. It raises funds that support MS research worldwide, as well as vital programs and services for people living with MS and their families. Most recently, Mr. Allen was presented with the 2014 Children’s Inspiration Award from the Los Angeles charitable organization A Place Called Home. The Children’s Inspiration Award is presented to an individual whose vision is large enough to embrace the “impossible” and whose tenacity is great enough to achieve things that “can’t be done.” The recipient has overcome hardships and obstacles, and transcended in ways that serve as an inspiration. From humble beginnings himself, Byron Allen has made good and made a difference!

About Allen Media Group

Chairman and CEO Byron Allen founded Allen Media Group/Entertainment Studios in 1993. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it has offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Charleston, SC. Allen Media Group owns 27 ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX network affiliate broadcast television stations in 21 U.S. markets and twelve 24-hour HD television networks serving nearly 220 million subscribers: THE WEATHER CHANNEL, THE WEATHER CHANNEL EN ESPAÑOL, PETS.TV, COMEDY.TV, RECIPE.TV, CARS.TV, ES.TV, MYDESTINATION.TV, JUSTICECENTRAL.TV, THEGRIO, THIS TV, and PATTRN. Allen Media Group also owns the streaming platforms HBCU GO, SPORTS.TV, THEGRIO, THE WEATHER CHANNEL STREAMING APP and LOCAL NOW--the free-streaming AVOD service powered by THE WEATHER CHANNEL and content partners, which delivers real-time, hyper-local news, weather, traffic, sports, and lifestyle information. Allen Media Group also produces, distributes, and sells advertising for 70 television programs, making it one of the largest independent producers/distributors of first-run syndicated television programming for broadcast television stations. Allen Media Group International Television continues to extend its corporate branding and content around the globe. It currently has active license agreements and programming in South Africa, The United Arab Emirates, Australia, The Bahamas, Canada and New Zealand. With a library of over 5,000 hours of owned content across multiple genres, Allen Media Group provides video content to broadcast television stations, cable television networks, mobile devices, and multimedia digital. Our mission is to provide excellent programming to our viewers, online users, and Fortune 500 advertising partners.

Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures is a full-service, theatrical motion picture distribution company specializing in wide release commercial content. ESMP released 2017's highest-grossing independent movie, the shark thriller 47 METERS DOWN, which grossed over $44.3 million. In 2018, ESMP also released the critically-acclaimed and commercially successful Western HOSTILES, the historic mystery-thriller CHAPPAQUIDDICK and the sequel to 47 METERS DOWN, 47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED. The digital distribution unit of Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures, Freestyle Digital Media, is a premiere multi-platform distributor with direct partnerships across all major cable, digital and streaming platforms. Capitalizing on a robust infrastructure, proven track record and a veteran sales team, Freestyle Digital Media is a true home for independent films.

In 2016, Allen Media Group purchased The Grio, a highly-rated digital video-centric news community platform devoted to providing African-Americans with compelling stories and perspectives currently underrepresented in existing national news outlets. The Grio features aggregated and original video packages, news articles and opinion pieces on topics that include breaking news, politics, health, business and entertainment. Originally launched in 2009, the platform was then purchased by NBC News in 2010. The digital platform remains focused on curating exciting digital content and currently has more than 100 million annual visitors.

For more information, visit: www/

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