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Brandon L. Woods, Winston-Salem, NC Native“Commence dancing. Delay your thinking. It is the inherent sequence of events.”

By Dr. Brittney Clinton | Friday, June 21, 2024 | 6:30 PM ET

Great dancers are magnificent not because of their technique but because of the passion they bring to their performances. Globally performed and practiced from its inception in the middle of the twentieth century, international contemporary dance is a multifaceted and significant art form. Its adaptability comes from the fact that it draws from a wide range of musical styles, dance forms, and cultural influences. Contemporary dance, in contrast to more conventional styles, puts a premium on each dancer's uniqueness and the freedom to express themselves through movement. For performances that are really moving and genuine, dancers often rely on their own histories, feelings, and interpretations. Contemporary dance, as an international art form, is influenced by a wide range of cultures and worldviews. Both dancers and choreographers find inspiration in their own cultural heritage and in the customs and experiences of people from all over the globe. Modern dance often aims to stimulate viewers' minds and hearts by questioning conventional wisdom and encouraging deep contemplation. Through movement and emotion, performances might tackle societal concerns, delve into philosophical concepts, or just elicit primal reactions. Brandon L. Woods has invested in dancing, which is like dreaming with your feet, and has shown others the way. 

At the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in contemporary dance, Brandon L. Woods performed with artists such as Juel Lane, Zane Booker, Trish Casey, Sean Sullivan, and Eric Oberdorff. The October 2012 edition of U.S. Airways magazine also highlighted him. Among the numerous Winston-Salem Forsyth County schools where he has taught or choreographed are R. J. Reynolds , Atkins, and North Forsyth High Schools. He has collaborated with Duane Cyrus on several projects, including "Spirituals," "House of Sky," and "Vital Grace: The Black Male Dancer," all for Cyrus Art Productions. Among his stage credits are Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope, Black Nativity, Glory to Gospel, and The Gospel According to Broadway, co-starring Robert Chapman, all presented by the North Carolina Black Repertory Company.

Brandon was a member of the Theatre of West Virginia for a season, where he was in Rocket Boys, Wizard of Oz, Honey in the Rock, Hatfields and McCoys, and Honey in the Rock. The West Virginia Dance Company included his performances of works by Donald Laney, Toneta Akers-Toler, and Doug Varone in its repertoire. Woods taught jazzy hip-hop at the January's Academy of Art and danced leading parts with the Shenandoah Ballet when he was still a resident of Virginia and West Virginia. Winston Salem Festival Ballet, NC Black Repertory Co., Authoring Action, Duane Cyrus, Positive Image Performing Arts, Sheetz Dance Academy, and many more have given Woods the chance to teach, choreograph, and perform professionally in the Winston-Salem/Triad area, where he grew up. Awarded to artists to oversee programming and create new work at New York's Lincoln Center Institute, Woods subsequently earned the prestigious William R. Kenan Fellowship. As an intern at New York Live Arts, Woods danced with Ballet-Inc and co-created "Skin-Deep" while in the Big Apple. "Touch Isolations (European Tour)," Variety Pack Collective, and Olga Rabetskya Dance Projects are among their most recent collaborations. From 2021 to now, Woods has been a part of the Jose Limon Dance Foundations' lifelong program.

Brandon has lately engaged in a collaboration with other artists in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in order to expand his range of dance pairings. Keep in mind that his actions convey a significant amount of information when verbal communication is insufficient.

You may contact Mr. Brandon L Woods at


About Dr. Brittney Clinton

Dr. Brittney Clinton is a content educational practitioner currently serving as an Associate Professor at Westcliff University, Dissertation Committee Member, independent published author, and compassionate leader that attract other professionals, scholars, and individuals in the community with a devoted purpose to empower, educate, and support others. Previously, Dr. Clinton served various leadership roles in Winston-Salem, NC with the following organizations: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc and The Order of the Eastern Star PHA 30th District. Dr. Clinton currently serves as a board member for the city of Winston-Salem, NC Appearance and Commission Board. Dr. Clinton graduated from the following prestigious institutions: Winston-Salem State University, B.A. Sociology/Elementary Education 2009, Strayer University, MA Education Leadership and Management 2012, and Capella University, Ed. D Education Leadership and Management 2015. Dr. Clinton founded the motto “Continue to be a beacon of light”; which is implemented daily while effectively illuminating a successful path for others.


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