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Author Spotlight | Johnnie Coles | Failure Is Not An Option

In Failure Is Not An Option, Author Johnnie Coles, shares his impactful story to inspire and motivate you to overcome life's challenges and persevere through adversity. Overall Johnnie's mission is to empower you with 8-principles of power to succeed in your personal life and business!

From darkness to light, Johnnie Coles has taken his life from one of hopelessness and addiction all the way to success as an author, serial entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Johnnie of Dunrite Detail has established a legacy as one of Connecticut's premier provider of automotive detailing services. For the last eight years, their stellar workmanship and commitment to excellence have made them an integral part of Hartford's business community. (To learn more about Dunrite, visit

His inspiring story shows that even with little access to a college preparatory education or resources growing up in poverty, there is always hope for renewal through hard work and determination. With great resilience he managed to turn what was once seemed like a curse into something truly blessed - transforming himself into someone entirely brand new!

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