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Women Who Lead In Finance Interview and Talk Show

Tune in EVERY FIRST Wednesday from 7:00 PM -8:00 PM ET

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Your Finance Hosts

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Pamela Sams

 Jackson Sams Wealth Strategist


For 19 years, Pamela has been helping women improve their personal and financial wealth through solid financial life planning. She focuses on helping her clients secure their financial futures so they can sleep well at night.


Pamela has become a strong voice in the area of personal finance for women. Her knowledge in this area has made her a sought-after speaker. She has been quoted in articles in various financial publications.


She has membership in the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT). Membership in MDRT is a highly recognized mark of excellence for the most successful in the financial services profession. Pamela holds a Behavioral Financial Advisor designation, awarded to advisors who have undergone training to learn to help clients make financial decisions using a rational, values-based approach. She was featured in the Women in Wealth section of Fortune Magazine November 2020 issue as a top Wealth Manager in the Washington DC metro area.

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Amber “The Tax Lady” Whitehead, EA, MBA

IRS Enrolled Agent/Small Business Tax Consultant

Amber Whitehead has over 20yrs of individual tax preparation experience.  She has worked for various CPA firms and commercial tax firms throughout the State of CT.   She is self-taught when it comes to the preparation of individual taxes.  Her interest in taxes all began when she was a teenager and she prepared her own taxes.  She became so intrigued with it she eventually learned more and more about it and then started preparing taxes for her friends and family.  Her love of numbers and taxes lead her to get her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Central CT State University in 2004.  She then went on to pursue her MBA at DeVry University graduating with honors in 2011. 

The decision to start her own tax firm came about after she was unemployed for a couple of years.  She realized that she needed to be the one to control her own destiny.  She took her passion for taxes and helping people and started Whitehead Tax and Financial Services, LLC, in April 2012.  The firm has since then grown at a steady pace throughout the years.  Amber specializes in taxation for individuals and home and/or service-based small businesses.  

Amber has a unique way of explaining tax concepts to her clients to make it easier for them to understand.  Her motto is “I just don’t want to do your taxes; I want you to understand your tax situation.  It is because of this mindset that she is highly recommended by her clients.  It is her goal to continue to grow and add additional services to her tax firm.

Amber has been a guest speaker for many local high schools and universities in the State of Connecticut and on various podcasts to speak about the basics of taxes and how to minimize your tax liability.  

In her spare time, Amber enjoys spending time with her one and only daughter and making memories with her family, reading books, watching movies and absolutely loves live music concerts.

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Chanay R. Robinson

The Professional Credit DIVA


Chanay R. Robinson is CEO and owner of The Professional Credit Diva, LLC, which was born out of a need to fix her own credit in 2016.  She signed with two different companies at the same exact time!


As she began to see a slight increase in her credit scores she became more interested in how the “game of credit” worked.  So, she joined several credit groups on various social media platforms and started discovering different tricks of the trade.  That led her into completing more research and learning the actual process of Credit Restoration and Credit Score Improvement.  It was fascinating and she really enjoyed it!


She also learned that an everyday individual could start their own Credit Repair Company.  And that’s exactly what she did!!!  She continues to build a legacy for her family while changing the legacy of the families of her clients by helping them achieve their goals and dreams by raising their credit scores!

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