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Savvy Ladies Get Career Savvy September Panel Discussions Inspiring and Educating Women

Savvy Ladies Get Career Savvy September Panel Discussions Inspiring and Educating Women to Create a Financial Roadmap for a Successful Career

NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2022 /V&P LifeStyle Magazine/ -- Savvy Ladies, a nationally recognized non-profit organization supporting free financial education for women, including a national free financial helpline, is pleased to announce its new Get Career Savvy series.

Many women visiting the Savvy Ladies Free Financial Helpline are asking questions about their career and income, how to build their confidence in the workplace, value their work, ask for equitable pay, increase their income and build their wealth.

Savvy Ladies first panel in the Get Career Savvy series is on September 21, featuring an in-person and live-stream panel discussion hosted by Akris NYC for a conversation on Style and Substance - Leadership, Authenticity, and Bringing your own Personal Brand to your Career. Suzanne Siracuse, financial services consultant, will lead a dynamic conversation with women leaders Melissa Beste, Global CEO Akris, Fiona Philip, Principal and Associate General Counsel KPMG LLP, and Lisa Zeiderman, Managing Partner Miller Zeiderman LLP. They will be addressing their career successes and challenges, how they established their personal brand and why bringing your authentic self to work and authenticity is a crucial trait every woman leader needs to own. Registration is free. 10 percent of retail purchases made at Akris will be donated to Savvy Ladies.

With nearly 40 percent of the women calling into the Savvy Ladies Helpline actively asking career & income questions, the conversation on career changes remains more relevant than ever.

Lauren Young, Workplace & Personal Finance Expert at Reuters, will lead a virtual-only panel discussion on September 29th covering Rebooting, Rethinking, and Building Resilience in Your Career, focusing on career balance, flexibility, and culture in the workplace. Registration is free.

Savvy Ladies is committed to advancing financial literacy for all women and providing safe spaces to help women learn about achieving financial independence. Our Get Savvy series of panel discussions with industry experts is created to educate and empower women.

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