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You're invited to join theTeach Me To Network Masterclass on April 25, 2023. You'll be able to view the Masterclass videos conveniently at your own pace via private YouTube links and on a designated website with password access that will be emailed to you. You can view the full Masterclass details and register HERE.

Some of the topics covered will include:

1. Self Awareness: First step to Influence, Wealth, Access, and Power.

2. Creating a magnetic online profile.

3. Secrets to building your LinkedIn network.

4. How to attract wealthy connections.

5. Using the right words when networking.

6. Posting on social media. What? When? Where? How?

7. Think like a brand. Market yourself to the world.

8. Creating opportunities with your network.

9. How to negotiate great deals.

10. Do's & Don'ts when writing introductions on LinkedIn or to anyone.

11. Five types of people you need in your network. Ten types that you don't.

12. Asking for a favor from a connection.

13. Ways to strengthen your relationship with your connections.

14. How to successfully dominate networking at in-person events and how to ruin your brand at them.

About Germaine Moody

Germaine Moody is a philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur and author, revered as an international networking pioneer and one of the most connected professionals in the world. His book “The 40 Laws of Networking” is the largest global collaboration on any book in publishing history that includes entrepreneurs, multimillionaires, serial networkers, government leaders and business professionals in 130 countries as contributors. He has produced and hosted networking events in more than 40 major cities across multiple countries, and has been recognized three times by BIZBASH Magazine’s “Readers Choice Awards”, placing him alongside the world’s biggest event producers from brands and corporations like TARGET, Mastercard, Rolex, Victoria Secret, Budweiser, LEXUS, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros Studios, HBO, OWN/The Oprah Winfrey Network, FOX, ABC, OSCARS, etc.

Germaine is a member of The Recording Academy/GRAMMYS, judge for the International Fashion Film Awards, and on the Advisory Panel for Bloomberg Insight Exchange. His current investments, businesses and partnerships are in Publishing, Hospitality, Marketing & Advertising, Shopping & Retail, Consumer Goods, Broadcast Media, Event Services, Real Estate, Internet/Online.

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