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Ciara Horton: From Childhood Stories to Creating ‘She Is’ — A Journey of Passion and Resilience

By Tammy Reese | Saturday, December 30, 2023 | 5:33 PM ET

In the enchanting world of storytelling, some find their calling from an early age. Ciara Horton, a visionary and creator of the empowering magazine ‘She Is,’ embarked on a journey fueled by childhood tales and a profound love for the written word. Join us as we delve into Ciara’s story, exploring the roots of her passion, the pivotal moments that birthed her magazine, and the resilience that transformed her dreams into reality. 

Please enjoy our interview!

What sparked your passion for storytelling from a young age, and how did her family contribute to nurturing this interest?

Ciara: It was my father who told my brother and myself stories off the top of his head. We would be amazed by the stories he told and that made me interested in challenging myself to see if I could do the same. My dad and mom always bought us plenty of books and encouraged me to read and write as much as I could.

How did your childhood experiences, particularly the stories crafted by your father and the abundance of books from your mother, influence your early creative endeavors?

Ciara: Creativity was all around me. My mother was a Master Cosmetologist and my dad was a writer. I grew up seeing tons of books and magazines in the house not to mention at the hair salon. I wanted to be in those books and on those magazines. I wasn’t sure of my path but I knew it was inside me to create and to create well.

Can you describe the pivotal moment when you conceived the idea for your magazine, and what inspired the vision behind the words “She Is” during a seemingly ordinary task like doing laundry?

Ciara: I was doing my wifely and motherly duties of laundry. I sat down on the bed and saw the words “She Is” in neon green letters. I was like, God, what is this? He said, “It’s your magazine!” Of course, I was amazed and baffled. I knew that He gave it to me so I began researching how to create a magazine and it went from there.

What were the major challenges you faced as you ventured into the world of magazine creation, and how did your unwavering determination play a crucial role in overcoming these obstacles?

Ciara: Challenges come a dime a dozen in this industry. I think the biggest challenge I have faced is the proper financial resources. Starting out, I knew little to nothing about how important business credit is. I would be investing so much of my own funds and hardly making a profit. Also, getting the right publishing tools, etc. can be a challenge. I have been able to use other places that do a drop ship for printed magazines which is much better. Not to mention, getting women to believe in themselves. They scream they want to share their stories, but when it comes down to it, they aren’t prepared. That’s why I decided to start talking more about building confidence and not being afraid to take financial risks for more visibility. This has helped my audience and helped me gain new followers who have been booking.

How did your fusion of written and visual storytelling contribute to the success of your magazine, and how did it distinguish your creations in the industry?

Ciara: Here’s the thing: I wanted to share real stories of real women. I think when the written ‘real’ story and the ‘real’ photos of boss babes collaborate, success becomes inevitable. Other women want to see themselves on covers too. I believe the overall magazine is very different from others in the fonts and articles in the magazine. That makes She Is distinguished.

What does your journey as a magazine creator reveal about the resilience and passion required to transform dreams into reality?

Ciara: I believe it reveals that quitting is for losers only. We have always been designed to win from the beginning of the Earth. That is where my passion comes from. Just knowing that it was predestined and I was created to provide a platform for women and men to be themselves. Dreams really do come true if we don’t quit and keep working towards the ultimate plan from God.

In conclusion, Ciara’s journey reflects the resilience needed to overcome challenges. Her fusion of written and visual storytelling, coupled with a commitment to showcasing real stories of real women, sets ‘She Is’ apart in the industry. As we conclude this journey through Ciara’s experiences, her words stand as a beacon: quitting is for losers only. With a predestined purpose and an unyielding determination, Ciara Horton invites us to believe that dreams indeed come true when we persist, working towards the ultimate plan from the divine.

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She is a proud member of ForbesBLK as well as New York Women in Film and Television.

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