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Analyze. Plan. Teach. Inspire.--Sarah Frayer...Making a Difference!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

By Dr. Sharon H. Porter

When you meet educator and now educational consultant, Sarah Frayer, you immediately know there is something special about her. She has a heart to serve, and serve she does. Sarah is in her 12th year of teaching and currently teaches first grade while also serving as team leader at Woodridge International Elementary and Middle Friendship Public Charter School in Washington, DC.

Originally from Tacoma, Washington, she was raised in a home that fostered life-long learning which cultivated her passion at a young age. She credits the film "The Ron Clark Story" for solidifying her commitment to student learning.

When asked how did she get to Washington, DC, she stated it was her many trips to the Washington, DC area visiting family while younger, that she knew she would one day call Washington, DC home. After graduating from North Carolina Central University (NCCU), in Durham, NC and majoring in Family and Consumer Science with a concentration in Child Development and Family Relations education, she made her way to Washington, DC.

I first met Ms. Frayer after she received recognition during the 2016-2017 school year for having 100% of her students reach their NWEA MAP mathematics growth goals and 85% reading. NWEA is a research-based, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction.

Ms. Frayer was a nominee for the Friendship Public Charter Schools Teacher of the Year award and the recipient of the 2018 D.C. Sanford Teacher Award.

Her first workshop was held Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the MGM National Harbor in Prince George's County, MD. She plans to host them quarterly. Participants were from several school districts in the Washington DC area. Each participant expressed sincere gratitude for the assistance Ms. Frayer provided.

Ms. Frayer believes every child has the mind to learn and power to succeed and vows to continue to light the fire in every student she comes in contact with on her journey in education.


Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon), educator, best-selling author, podcaster, and interview show host has 30 years experience as a principal, assistant principal, central office administrator, and classroom teacher.

She is the host of Education FIRST, a monthly livestream interview show that features educators. Dr. Sharon is the Executive Director of The Next In Line to Lead Aspiring Principal Leadership Academy (APLA), the President of SHP Enterprise, the umbrella entity for Perfect Time SHP LLC, The GRIND Entrepreneur Network, and SHP Media and Broadcasting. She is a contributing writer, Co-Founder, and Editor-In-Chief of Vision & Purpose (V&P) LifeStyle Magazine.

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